"We've tested all the major registry recovery products on the market, and RegCure is without a doubt the most powerful (and easiest) tool to fix Windows registry errors currently available."

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bestRegCure also offer a scan utility that checks for errors in theWindows registry for free. So if your anti-virus/anti-spyware software is not picking up any faults, use this to determine if there are errors within your registry and what they are.
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RegCureâ„¢ is current top-pick registry recovery software.

It comes highly recomended above all other major programs within the market for windows registry cleaning. Our expert opinion is that this software provides the user with the most simplest but at the same time most effective solution, which is why it has our vote. With this registry cleaner program, you can scan your PC in just a minute or two, it will highlight and fix any invalid entries or corrupt registry keys (which anti-virus and anti spy-ware softwares cannot resolve).

To see a useful guide/overview of all the registry recover software poducts reviewed visit our Software Overview page. A good starting point is to do a full Windows registry scan, this will help you identify the exact problem and determine if you even have to fix a corrupt registry. Download a free one below...

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is your pc behaving badly?

Ok, so you've probably found your way here because you have realised that you have some kind of issue with the Windows registry and you need to do a windows registry cleanup. The likelihood is your particular issue is covered by one of these:

* You PC is crashing regularly with the dreaded 'blue screen' or your getting a lot of error messages
* Your PC freezes up a lot or it runs really slow, particulary when you trying to do something important (Sods Law)
* Your being hasseled by relentless "pop-up" ads, even though your spyware software has found nothing
* Your getting "Unable to Load..." errors for .DLL files
* Some programs have decided to just stop working all of a sudden

Well unfortunately your computer wont fix itself, it WILL get continually worse (either that or it already has), so you need to address the problem ASAP. But rest assured, you can reset your system speed and counter any errors logged within the registry VERY easily.If you have been search in google for registry repair reviews, registry cleaner compare, registry repair review, registry repair programs or registry cleaner utility the good news is that we have reviewed the top registry cleaner and compared it to market leaders so you you can make a confident and informed choice when picking which registry cleaner to use.

At we believe in giving the average home user the power to solve their own PC problems without racking up expensive repair shop bills. Afterall, the chances are that when you take your computer down to the reapir shop for a Windows registry related problem they are going to be using the same knowledge and software thats detailed on this site for free. Ofcourse the only difference is they will put a hefty 'labour' charge on your bill of $100 upwards. A lot of the time the errors that your getting are very easy to solve, so easy they can take literally a few minutes. Hardly seems worth the $100+. See, the truth is the best registry repair solutions will not even cost you very much; it's the same price as a couple of pizzas and a six pack, to fix registry errors.

To locate and identify potential problems download this scan utility, which is offered by RegCure for absolutely free. Can't get better than that now can you, and the registry scan is the first step in registry cleanup. You'll be amazed at how much could be wrong with your PC. After that, there is an easy way out and that is the one we have recomended here, just follow the simple instructions and repair options and you will on your way to registry heaven within no time! Your registry problems will be fixed - instantly.

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