"We've tested all the major registry recovery products on the market, and RegCure is without a doubt the most powerful (and easiest) tool to fix Windows registry errors currently available."

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bestRegCure also offer a scan utility that checks for errors in theWindows registry for free. So if your anti-virus/anti-spyware software is not picking up any faults, use this to determine if there are errors within your registry and what they are.
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When you first purchased your computer, you were probably very impressed with how fast it was and how smoothly it operated. Over time, you may have noticed that your computer boots more slowly than it did when new or that programs quit unexpectedly or that errors have begun to pop up. All computers that run on a Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows 95 to Vista) run into similar issues. Usually this is due to errors or unneeded information that accumulates within a directory known as the Windows registry.

The What?

The Windows registry is a directory that your operating system should be able to access to perform. It stores all sorts of information from system settings to personal preferences that help your operating system to do all the intricate things it needs to do. Not only does it store data that is necessary to the computer functioning at all, it also stores data related to preferences set by the user. If you like your font big and want a particular messenger to open every time you boot your computer for example, the registry is the place these personal preferences are stored. If a different user on the same computer likes their desktop to be almost free of shortcuts, but they want their anti-virus software to run each time they log on, the registry records these actions to personalize the OS for them. Because the data contained in the registry is so valuable and important, it is also important to keep the registry clean and error free.

But Why?

The registry is an invaluable tool of the Windows operating system but because it is so dynamic and changes so often, it can quickly become overloaded with information that is inaccurate, incomplete or unneeded. By ensuring you properly maintain the registry, you are in effect ensuring your PC is performing the absolute best it can. There is nothing you can do to stop new entries from entering the registry, nor is there much you can do to make sure it stays clean without going an extra step. Registry repair software is a must have for any PC owner. These utilities scan your registry to locate any potential problems and then correct the issues it finds. There are ways to manually edit the registry, but this process is extremely difficult, confusing, and time consuming. It can also do significant damage to your computer if you make a mistake. Using an affordable registry cleaner makes the process of cleaning your registry simple and quick. It is also much safer than trying to do it yourself! It is important to make cleaning your registry an integral part of the overall maintenance of your computer. Like it or not register recovery is an esstial part or PC maintenance that you will have to face sooner or later. Its a shame that a good fix program or clean up software is not included in the Windows package at present.


There are hundreds of quality registry cleaners and recovery utility available. We recommend a very powerful and effective, tried and tested cleaner called RegCure, that also offer a free scan utility and is great for an all round registry cleanup. Once you have selected a good program, you can download registry cleaner software online. Many brands offer free registry scans before you purchase, which may give you idea of how many problems actually exist. Before you use the software to repair problems, always be sure to back up the existing registry. By doing this, you know that you can safely restore your registry should you ever need to.

The registry repair program that we recommend here at is called RegCure.

You can download their free scanning tool directly from this page, below...

Click the button below to scan your PC for registry problems (and repair them) in seconds:

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