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bestRegCure also offer a scan utility that checks for errors in theWindows registry for free. So if your anti-virus/anti-spyware software is not picking up any faults, use this to determine if there are errors within your registry and what they are.
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whats the best solution to fix registry errors?

The Windows registry is the central depository that houses critical information about all aspects of your computer. This registry is changed every time you browse the internet and install or uninstall hardware or software on to your computer. Sometimes it can even be changed by malicious software without your knowledge. Constant changes within the keys of the registry renders the registry fragmented after a period of time and this could adversely affect the working of your computer. For optimum performance, it is best to clean out your registry on a regular basis.

The Best Registry Fix

There is no one definite solution to fix a corrupt registry. The best solution to register cleaning is to use every solution available and use them often.

While it is possible to fix registry problems manually it is vital that you have a pretty good knowledge about the registry before you even attempt to do so. There are many resources that thoroughly explain each possible registry entry and what it does. Make sure you fully understand everything an entry and its effects and functions before you decide to edit it. Do not just assume that an entry in the registry is not needed just because you do not know what it does! Before you do any manual changes, do your research. Always be sure to back up your registry fully before you make any change yourself. This will ease the steps it takes to restore your registry to a functional state should you make an error.

The other available option for cleaning the registry is by doing Windows registry scan using an appropriate registry cleaner program, see our reviews for some advice on this. Most errors will be corrected adequately by running a Windows registry repair utility on your computer. Here are some tips and tricks to best clean your Windows registry:

Registry Cleaner Programs

Do some research to find the best registry cleaner program that fits your needs and your budget. Increased cost does not always equal increased performance, so the best registry cleaner utility may not be the most expensive. After you have found several versions of a registry repair tool that received great reviews, see which ones offer a free registry scan. Typically these free scans only show the number of errors located but you will find that each Windows registry scan will find a different number of problems. Some of these free scans will actually list the problems found, and you may see that one program found problems different from another. Purchase the one that found the most problems.

Use More than One Registry Cleaner

You may want to install and run more than one registry cleaner utility to correct as many errors as possible, although this is not essential. As stated above, different registry scans locate different problems. By installing a running a second or even third registry cleaner, you may be able to catch more issues than if you just stick with one. The more errors you can correct with a registry repair utility, the less you will need to locate and repair manually. Also be aware that different registry repair programs are designed for different versions of the Window operating system. Be sure you are choosing registry editing software that is intended for the version of the operating system that you use. Also be sure that you have the latest updates and patches for your version of the operating system before you run a registry editor and that you run any updates available for the registry editor before you start.

The registry repair program that we recommend here at is called RegCure.

You can download their free scanning tool directly from this page, below...

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