"We've tested all the major registry recovery products on the market, and RegCure is without a doubt the most powerful (and easiest) tool to fix Windows registry errors currently available."

- Registry Recovery

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bestRegCure also offer a scan utility that checks for errors in theWindows registry for free. So if your anti-virus/anti-spyware software is not picking up any faults, use this to determine if there are errors within your registry and what they are.
Just click the 'PC Health Check token', or the free scan button to the left.

Reg Sweep review

RegSweep's moto is "a complete system scan in 2 minutes or less".

They also boldly display a guarantee on their home page, stating that all corrupt files & registry errors will be repaired so that your PC functions just like it did when you first got it...

RegSweep is designed for Windows® 98/ME, 2000, XP & Vista™

Registry Repair Ability: 4 stars

Our tests have indicated that RegSweep is a reliable, fast and consistent repair program - it does perform like what it says it can on the product's site - and, in our test, the initial scan tool did complete its test in under 2 minutes.

RegSweep found several errors on our test system, although not as many alleged errors as some of the other products we tested. (Not necessarily indicative of 'repairing effectiveness', mind you, as it did find the crucial errors).

Our assessment of RegSweep is that it's an excellent registry repair program, but it might not be the best option for registry optimization - however - this is based on a single test, on one PC.

It could very well find many more errors on another system, to be fair.

Either way - with their bold and up-front guarantee - you have nothing to lose by giving RegSweep a risk-free shot...

RegSweep Home Page

Ease of Use: 5 stars

RegSweep simplifies the process of scanning & repairing the registry. All you have to do is load up the program, start the scan, and then follow the prompts to conduct a comprehensive registry/error analysis and repair cycle.

RegSweep will repair your system on a permission-based structure - asking your approval before making any crucial changes, removals or modifications. And, like all industry-standard registry cleaners, RegSweep makes backup of of your system settings (including your registry) before it "goes to work".

In a nutshell, it's one of the easiest solutions to use.

Customer Support: 4 stars

RegSweep supports its software with an intuitive staff of technicians through an online helpdesk system.

RegSweep Overall: 4 stars

(Overall Score - Not an Average)

RegSweep is a solid registry repair solution that is guaranteed to work. Either it makes your PC perform like new again, or your money back - it's as simple as that...

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