"We've tested all the major registry recovery products on the market, and RegCure is without a doubt the most powerful (and easiest) tool to fix Windows registry errors currently available."

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bestRegCure also offer a scan utility that checks for errors in theWindows registry for free. So if your anti-virus/anti-spyware software is not picking up any faults, use this to determine if there are errors within your registry and what they are.
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The Best Registry fix is only a click away and it's affordable

There are hundreds of different registry repair software available today and the prices of these registry repair programs are across the board! The good news is, the best of the best registry cleaners are highly affordable and you definitely do not have to go out and buy the most expensive one in the hope that it is the most superior.

Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for the best registry cleaner for your purpose:

Listen to the Experts

One of the best ways to ensure you are purchasing the best registry cleaner fix corrupt registry for your money is to read a registry repair review. There are many different sources that offer unbiased reviews of these utilities. Make sure that the registry cleaner review that you choose is as current as possible. New computer registry cleaner software is released all the time and new issues with the Windows registry are discovered. A review that was completely true for the time it was written may be completely outdated a couple years down the road.

Also be sure that you read registry repair reviews that are specific to your version of the Windows operating system. Registry cleaner XP reviews may differ entirely from those for a Vista registry cleaner, for example, as each version of the operating system uses the Windows registry slightly differently and has different common issues.

How to Compare Best Registry Cleaners

To ensure that you are accurately comparing registry cleaners, take time to know the features of each and compare them directly. To determine what is truly the best registry cleaner for your needs, you will want to compare the functions it must contain. You will also want to compare the functions that it contains that are not necessary but are a helpful addition. Many versions of registry cleaner utilities offer free registry scans before purchase. This can be a great way to compare the exact effectiveness of the software.

Compare not only the number of errors found in each registry scan, but also what errors it found (if it offers that information). Each Windows registry checker functions a bit differently, so depending on the errors in your system one may find many more errors than another. Unfortunately, some registry cleaner software find entries perceived as errors that in fact are accurate. This is yet another reason to read as many registry cleaner reviews as you can find to ensure that the number found by the scanner is not inflated or inaccurate for what actually needs to be repaired in your registry.

Exercising Caution

Never attempt to use a registry editing program without first backing up your registry. It is also a good idea to create a backup disk for your entire system. That way if something goes terribly wrong during the registry edit that does not allow Windows to reboot at all; you will have a fairly quick and simple way to restore your system.

Also be sure you purchase a registry repair utility that offers adequate free technical support. If you know that you will be using the software late at night but cannot afford to wait several hours should an issue occur, pick a registry fixer that has live technical support 24/7. Also be sure that before you run your registry cleaner that you have downloaded and installed any fixes or updates for both the software itself and your version of Windows. If you fail to do so, you may create more problems than you solve!

The program we recommend above anything else on is one called RegCure. It seems to be the most reliable, consistent and comprhensive registry scanner on the net at the moment.

For your convenience, we've linked directly to their free scanner download from our site below...

Click the button below to scan your PC for registry problems (and repair them) in seconds:

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