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bestRegCure also offer a scan utility that checks for errors in theWindows registry for free. So if your anti-virus/anti-spyware software is not picking up any faults, use this to determine if there are errors within your registry and what they are.
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Typical problems that can be solved by registry repair software

One of the most common problems that most computer users encounter is the inevitable decline in the performance and speed of their system over a period of time. Much like any other machine, this period of time varies greatly from one user to the other. How long it takes for the computer’s performance to be affected depends upon the extent of usage of the system as well as the type of applications and programs that are downloaded and installed onto the operating system.

A common misconception is that computer problems are primarily caused because of insufficient space or memory on the hard disk drive. However, trying to manually delete programs and free up space on the computer is mostly an exercise in futility. A downfall in the computer’s performance is more often than not caused by problems arising due to a bloated registry.

The registry is an absolutely critical component of any Windows operating system. It is essentially an enormous repository that stores within it static as well as dynamic information about the system. The Windows registry is structured as keys. Every key is related to an individual program or setting within the system and the information that is stored within the keys is utilized for launching and running the various programs.

How Problems Occur Within the Registry

Constantly browsing the internet, downloading and launching various programs or even changing settings within the computer causes disruptions within the registry. Over the period of time the number of invalid, missing and obsolete entries increases exponentially and the registry gets fragmented resulting in a slow but definite deterioration in the performance of your system.

Identifying Symptoms of Registry Issues

Here are some of the most marked symptoms, which indicate that it may be time to do a registry scan and repair:

  • Start-up speed is slower than usual – Every time you start up your system, it takes longer and longer. This is essentially because the registry has become increasingly filled with errors and invalid information and it takes longer for it to scan its database and find what it is looking for. On more than one occasion Windows has failed to start altogether.
  • Frequent Stalling of Your System – You find that more and more often your computer fails to respond to any commands. You find yourself increasingly using “Control+ Alt+ Delete” to end programs that refuse to close any other way, thus preventing you from being able to save your precious work. On the other hand, some programs just fail to open altogether.
  • Acute Slowing Down of Operation Speed & Internet Browsing Speeds- Browsing the internet, which was once such a pleasure has suddenly become a nightmare as web pages take an eternity to open. Media and music files are almost impossible to open and you’ve all but given up trying to download any program from the internet because of the sheer time it takes.
  • Recurrent Crashes and Application Errors - You get error messages that appear all too frequently and your computer freezes or hangs up for not obvious rhyme or reason. Typically, this is a sign of excessive invalid paths or conflicting information that has gotten stored in the registry.
  • You Finally See the Blue Screen of Death- As the name very aptly suggests, the “blue screen of death” is exactly that- a sign that your system is in fact dead and would require a major overhaul to get it right again.
If you experience one or more of these problems more often than not and it has begun to adversely affect the overall performance of your computer, you can almost definitely put it down to problems within your registry. As tempted as you may be, it would be best to avoid trying to manually edit the registry. Your best option at this point would be to check out a few registry repair software utilities and run a windows registry scan on your system.

We strongly recommend using RegCure to scan, backup and repair your registry automatically (and quickly).

For your convenience, we've directly linked to the download for their free scanning utility below...

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